Motorcycle Accidents

Factors in Your Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim


To file a successful motorcycle insurance claim, you must show that other rider’s negligence, carelessness, and slackness directly caused your injuries. Nonetheless, the principles of motorbike crashes and claims may vary from one state to the other. Below is a comprehensive overview of what you should know to file a successful motorcycle accident lawsuit.

You Must Have Adequate Insurance

This is where it all starts. You cannot file a suit for damages caused by a motorcycle accident if you don’t have adequate coverage. Unlike most policies, motorcycle coverage is particularly strict and insurance requirements differ from one state to the other.  In most states, if you don’t have adequate or appropriate motorbike coverage your options to pursue compensation after an accident are limited. It even gets complicated if you live in a no-fault state. If no other rider was involved in the crash, or the at-fault rider has no insurance or assets and live in a no-fault state, you may have to foot your medical bills and other expenses from your pocket.


Collecting Evidence Will Help Support Your Case

The amount of evidence you gather at the scene of the crash can play a major role in building a strong case. If you are not seriously injured, collect as much information as you can. Take photos of the scene and gather eyewitnesses’ contact information. If you’re seriously injured, ask someone to collect relevant information on your behalf.  Call area police immediately before onlookers destroy feasible evidence. Note that you don’t have to be at fault to call the police. The actions you take after a motorcycle accident can prove handy if you’re planning to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Seeking Medical Attention and Keeping Records is Essential

Be sure to visit a doctor as soon as you can after a motorcycle accident. While you may not sustain physical injuries, you can get internal injuries and psychological trauma with effects lasting a lifetime. Also, keep your medical records and expenses intact. Your insurer’s claim adjuster and the jury will refer to the documents when ascertaining your condition before and after the accident. In essence, you can use the medical records to show that the crash caused your injuries.   Your personal injury lawyer will use the medical expenses records to estimate the value of your case. Additionally, the bills, together with the documents of the visits to the doctor can be used to show that you are not exaggerating your compensation amount.

Report the Accident to Your Insurer Immediately

Notify insurance providers (yours and that of the at-fault rider) about the accident as soon as you can. Insurance companies have strict timelines within which you ought to report an accident. Waiting for too long could lead to a rejection of your claim. Besides, the company may use the delay in the courthouse to enter an appearance of deceit. Let someone report the accident on your behalf if you are seriously injured.  If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, call an attorney in your area immediately. If you have a case, the lawyer will help you initiate the claim process. Even when the damages are insignificant, it is important to have your back covered in case of any eventualities.

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