Pain and Suffering

How Do I Determine Pain/Suffering In My Accident Case?


A number of factors come into play when determining the value of your injury claim following a car crash. Most often, your insurance company will consider the medical bills incurred and the lost income as well as the pain and suffering. Unlike medical costs and lost wages, equating pain and suffering to a monetary value is not as straightforward.  In a bid to help you understand what goes into estimating a personal injury claim, here is a comprehensive look at the formulas used to calculate the amount of damage caused by pain and suffering. The Multiplier Formula Under this method, your attorney will multiply actual damages (lost income and medical expenses) by a certain number. Most often, the lawyer will multiply the actual damages by three. Thus, if your medical bills amount to $5,000 and the lost wages add up to $1,000 the damage caused by pain and suffering is…