Motorcycle Accidents

Factors in Your Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim


To file a successful motorcycle insurance claim, you must show that other rider’s negligence, carelessness, and slackness directly caused your injuries. Nonetheless, the principles of motorbike crashes and claims may vary from one state to the other. Below is a comprehensive overview of what you should know to file a successful motorcycle accident lawsuit. You Must Have Adequate Insurance This is where it all starts. You cannot file a suit for damages caused by a motorcycle accident if you don’t have adequate coverage. Unlike most policies, motorcycle coverage is particularly strict and insurance requirements differ from one state to the other.  In most states, if you don’t have adequate or appropriate motorbike coverage your options to pursue compensation after an accident are limited. It even gets complicated if you live in a no-fault state. If no other rider was involved in the crash, or the at-fault rider has no insurance…